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Medical Intuitive & Empathic Healer

Twenty-four years in the field, twenty with her own clinic, her body of work has brought renewal and peace to thousands of individuals.  Vannette’s current message is: “Life today is moving faster than ever before, and we need to be strong and healthy to meet the demand. Never has it been more important to focus on self care and to hold a consciousness that sustains health.”

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Does anyone have the answer to why so many people today have thyroid problems—and why so many different health concerns present in tandem?

What really is behind this?

Vannette believes she has identified key factors in the mystery behind these questions. With more than two decades of practice, Vannette’s observations have led her to know that this pattern of health decline—with the thyroid function at the center of it all—is indicative of a greater call for us to renew and recalibrate.

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In business for 24 years and in our current clinic location for the past 20 years, we are established. With offices, a treatment room and a fully stocked retail space we are ready to serve. We look forward to offering you the care and support you so richly deserve!

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