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Winter IS!  A new year has arrived.  Happy New Year!!

1 - Calgary clinics happening in January thru February  2018.
         Dates for clinic are: January 23, 24, 25 / February 21,22,23  
      2 - Inspiration Gathering - Special Event in January!  On the 31st
an honouring of the lunar eclipse & the full moon.  A blue

                    moon it is!    
                      A) - Starting at 6:30pm, plan to be together thru to approx  9:30pm.   As we gather to view what will be visible and stay warm, 
                      I will welcome questions and share details of this new energy and 
      how it is that we are to work with it and gain from what is. 
           B) -  
Full Moon Ceremony & Bon-fire - 8:30-9:00 / Shamanic in 
theme, it will be a personal rel
ease c
c/w music 
& d
Open to all Clients, Friends & Family / 
Fee:   Honour Gifting
 food donation to Red Deer Food Bank / 
required - p
lease call our office at (403)-352-8838
3 - Healing Circle.  Taking names of interested parties.  We 
would meet regularly to honour those amongst us who 
are in need and to send loving care to others and our world. 
Please contact my office to indicate your interest. 
4 - New email format will be launched in February.  Please 
note that you may be required to see it and ensure it is not
in your spam folder.  More to come on this!  And my new 
that continues to be in production. 
Hope you are enJOYing the wonder-filled day you intended!  
BE very well, dear One.

Red Deer:  Mon, Tues, Wedn, Thurs. Closed Friday & weekends.

Please contact the Red Deer office for all inquiries - to book an appointment, to change an existing appointment or to purchase product for easy pick-up at Calgary office during a clinic. 
 These pkg will be marked for independent access from either mailbox or front door.  
Red Deer – Monday thru Thursday.  Although hours are generally 9am thru 5pm, hours can vary depending on my clinic schedule in Calgary and the special events.  I recommend that you would call first before dropping in. 


 While under the crystal lights, one is now lying on an Amethyst Infra-Red Bio Mat.  The combination of these two unique and powerful  tools, provide an even more therapeutic treatment.  Advance booking is required, please call the Red Deer office. (403) 352 8838

             Love & Light. 

 C a n a d i a n   A n t i - S p a m R e g u l a t i o n :
(effective July 1st, 2014):
Please be patient  as we send out and update our database with opt-in emails in order to communicate electronically with clients in accordance with this new legislation. If you have not received an opt-in email, please go to our Contact us link and complete fields.  In the comment field, please quote or copy and paste, "I would like to receive electronic email communications from Vannette Keast Health Consulting ltd."
H e a l t h  &  W e l l n e s s  N e w  s:
University of California, San Francisco documented a 40% increase in telomerase, an enzyme that helps regulate biological aging, in participants that meditated. The same research study demonstrated that meditation leads to a significant enhancement of genes associated with well-being and a significant reduction in genes associated with stress and inflammation.