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Racing to Summer 2017 

The sun is once again welcoming us to back into nature. Get out and enjoy the soothing energies of newly reborn vast green wonderland .   Time to walk barefoot in the grass, or hike your favorite trail.  Visit  your favorite lake, or mountain valley and absorb serenity and peacefulness.   Take time to offer gratitude and thanks for all that is perfect!  


Calgary Clinics Upcoming.   June 12th thru 14th  For an apt, please call the Red Deer office to schedule. 

Inspiration Gathering.  Check back here for updates TBA  A healing circle & coming together – to renew, honour & empower both our personal & the collective. I will share timely, poignant information & invite questions about health and wellness.  Will be asking all participants to submit one question prior to event.  The gathering will also include a group guided meditation.  Pre-registration is required.  No fee.  Please email or call the office to register. 

‘Tis the Season For a Cleanse.    Over these coming weeks, is an ideal time to undertake a personal cleanse program.  Kinda like you notice that your home needs a spring clean? Well so do you, my dear One!   Consider the RCCP (Restoring Cellular Communication Program- which encompasses both cleansing and regenerating aspects ), an excellent collection of six products formulated by the Canadian company Physica Energetics.  Regularly priced at $340 – on special now thru March 20th, for $295.  In addition to the RCCP Protocol, I also recommend you could consider incorporating one of the following whole food based programs for a period:   a full raw diet and juicing or one of three cleanse programs that I regularly recommend – (1) The Inner Cleanse & Flush, (2) Gentle Liver-Enhanced, (3) Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Combo.   As you know, doing a cleanse at this time of year is very important and goes a long way to enjoying the approaching season fully.  Spring and summer flu and colds are really no fun! 

In Love & Light


Red Deer:  Mon, Tues, Wedn, Thurs. Closed Friday & weekends.

 Winter has settled into its roll, purifier of the environment!  Mother natures reset of all that is nature. Bundle up, take this time to enjoy some winter fun with family and friends.  Ski, snowshoe, snowmobile, skate, or just curl up in your favorite warm spot.  Although winter can seem a harsh time in some ways, it is also a great time too perform planning, set goals, perhaps create a vision board.  
This is a great time to look deeply and honestly at ourselves, our past actions, speech and thoughts. Refocus these energies,  lay out what will be your purpose and  desire for all aspects of your being! A great tool too initiate, manifest the awakening of our vision of future!  
Love & Light

New Product & Equipment
Ozone Generating Machine
Quantum Lazer
Please contact Red Deer office at to book. (403)-352-8838
Upcoming Events        TBA
Please contact the Red Deer office for all inquiries - to book an appointment, to change an existing appointment or to purchase product for easy pick-up at Calgary office during a clinic. 
 These pkg will be marked for independent access from either mailbox or front door.  
Red Deer – Monday thru Thursday.  Although hours are generally 9am thru 5pm, hours can vary depending on my clinic schedule in Calgary and the special events.  I recommend that you would call first before dropping in. 


 While under the crystal lights, one is now lying on an Amethyst Infra-Red Bio Mat.  The combination of these two unique and powerful  tools, provide an even more therapeutic treatment.  Advance booking is required, please call the Red Deer office. (403) 352 8838

             Love & Light. 

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University of California, San Francisco documented a 40% increase in telomerase, an enzyme that helps regulate biological aging, in participants that meditated. The same research study demonstrated that meditation leads to a significant enhancement of genes associated with well-being and a significant reduction in genes associated with stress and inflammation.