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☀Good Day, Dear One!   
I want to thank you for BEing part of my community - sending you one BIG and cozy hug. 


Greetings Dear One!   

In this world where a hectic pace has become the norm and chaos seems everywhere – I am guided to share that it is very important to make a priority of self-care.  I myself choose this by having a daily practice where I immerse myself in a silent nature-setting where I clear my mind to focus on  a singular ideal positive aspect of this life. No matter the weather, cause its pretty chilly and white-covered outside everywhere here at this time, I connect with the intention to BE fully with the constant calm.  And always I trust that I AM supported and guided in my choice to lovingly accept all things and everyone that comes to me. This can take me less than 5minutes and as long as one hour, depending on my avail.  This is easily accomplished with my commitment to myself as central to ALL that is my life!

Would you agree that change is most definitely both in-the-air and afoot?  And because change is usually de-stabilizing, many view unfamiliarity with a hesitation that has us remain where we are most comfortable.  This being potentially the most dangerous of reactions, as it is fear that will ultimately cost us our own expansion and all real healing. As taught in one of my favourite teachings, The Course of Miracles - fear is the exact opposite of love.  One cannot be in-love while afraid in any way. I myself find that I must BE fully free of fear always, and so we are all being called, dear friend, to trust so to resonate with love.  To believe that what IS here now is meant to BE and that every bit of it is in-transition. As Alberto Villoldo states in his book the Mystical Shaman Oracle, ''Consider the wisdom in not getting what you say you want.” Consider that what we each have at this time, like it or not, is with us for the highest and greatest of good.  That what truly belongs to us each 'may or may-not' be what we think we want. But that there is a plan, and that we are best when we are in loving acceptance of it ALL.  

This day I find that I focus on the gentle loving flow of grace in my life.  This affirmation was inspired by my long-time friend, Yvonne Racine who is a life celebrant and grief recover specialist. Yvonne lives and practices in Edmonton.  Find her at

In conclusion of this message, please read that it is vital to have an unfailing compassion for everyone and everything that shows up in your life.  Really listen and BE mindful. More and more I recognize that no matter whom the person is, their level of intuition or enlightenment, no matter the age, sex, intellect, education or spiritual knowing, we are ALL in this together.  This is the way of it. And it's an exciting time to BE!

Hugs to you!


GIFT Certificates   & Christmas Baskets – Healthy, Happy

Featuring organic and healthy products that I carry in the clinic, they are custom-made based on price point, and the items you would prefer to gift.  They can contain everything from a gift certificate for services to chocolates, tea, specialty coffee, essential oils, bath salts, skin-care products, or  multi-vitamins; ranging in size from small @ $50 to large @ $300. Call or email to place your order.

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Special Events Upcoming

A]  Inspiration Gathering  

A meeting of the like-minded!   With the arrival of reduced sunlight and colder tempuratures, most of us everywhere cocoon a lot more.  And often the seeking of that coziness comes with more time in reflection. I invite you to join me as a group of us gather in reflection and inspiration.  

During the evening together receive:

   access to me to ask any questions you choose

   info & insights into health & wellness

   tips on how to maximize both seasonal well-being & the energy of the current time-in-life

   a group meditation

   a channelled energy treatment

   and a healthy gluten-free snack and tea

The next Inspiration Gatherings will happen in January, in both Red Deer and Calgary.  Dates to be announced.

B]  Recommended  Community Feature– FENG Shui for 2019

With the Chinese New Year happening on February 5th, it is considered good fortune to prepare for the arrival of the approaching annual renewal. Join me with a guest master-teacher as we share the current importance and application of Feng Shui principles.  Evening date in January yet to be announced.

C]  Immune Support

Tis the season!   With the arrival of the snow-cover, the annual happening of colds and the flu is upon us.  Time to ensure that your immunity is at its peak! Need a tweak, or some insight into being

proactive in prevention?  The following are a few of the time-tested measures I suggest:  

(a)  Homeoprophylaxis.  

    A natural, homeopathic option for cold and flu prevention.  Unlike the medically recommended flu

   shots that contain actual pathogens and expose the recipient to questionable ingredients and toxins,

   this formulation provides safe and superior support along with metabolic and energetic leverage

   that is much more effective.  These three separate remedies taken at a dose of drops each day are:

   Drainage Milieu, Flu Milieu, and Vaccin-Tox.
   Community special:  On sale now thru January 30 – HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS @ 25% off.  

(b)  Colloidal Silver.

     The use of silver as a medicine was wide-spread until World Warr 11 when antibiotics became the

     standard treatment for infections.  And now, due to overuse, many pathogenic organisms have

     become resistant to antibiotics.  As a result, silver has regained attention as a natural alternative.

     I stock two different formulas that I have been using successfully for many years.  Note the

     following specifics of each and the dose I recommend.

         1 - Silver Effects    At 4.5 ppm (parts per million), this is an excellent formulation that can

         be consumed interally and applied topically.  Gentle tasting, it is highly effective in both the

         prevention and treatment of many illnesses including seasonal upsets.  Great to spray into mouth

         and the back-of-throat as well as topically into both eyes and ears. Recommended dose

         to drink is 1oz per 75lbs of body weight.

         2 – Nature's Silver Guard    At 18 ppm, this formulation is best used topically and by swishing

         in mouth or as a gargle or sprayed.  Use freely topically, but because of its strength, it is

         important to consume no more than 1-2tsp interally each day.

         Note:   Home-made brews of colloidal silver should not be consumed internally. This is

                    because with an unknown ppm the dose cannot be determined.

(c )   Intestinal Health

     a) Presence of Probiotic and Pre-Biotic Balance.    Gut health is synonomous with immunity.

     b) Elimination.     Ensure to have an equal number of bowel movements each day, as you have

     meals.   IF this is not happening?  You need support, and to learn how to help your body harmonize.

(d)  Alkalinity  

     It's vital to have daily time where we are in a healing pH state.  Yes, every day for a few hours

     minimum. This is not new to most folk, and can be accomplished by altering your diet and
     properly hydrating. Keen to learn more?  Let me know for a session and/or consider to have a read
     of the book by Dr. Robert Young titled, “The pH Miracle.”  

(e)  Superior Vitamin & Mineral Intake

     1 - Vitamin C    With the many varied brands on the market, it is a waste of effort, and expense, if

              consuming one that is improperly formulated.  Generally, note that your purchase would need

              be derived from a natural source of ascorbic acid and contain either bioflavinoids or

              quercetin.  IF a vitamin C supplement is not properly balanced, ascorbid acid can become

              a damaging free-radical.  The Vitamin C supplements I recommend and stock are:     

          Electric C – sourced from Grapefruit and rind / capsule

                                  Amla – sourced from Amazon super-fruit / capsule

                                  Camu Camu – sourced from the Amazon super-fruit / liquid

                                  Rose Hip – sourced from the Canadian Rose blossom / capsule

       2 - Fish Oil & Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Trace Minerals

       3 - Essential Oils – like peppermint, eucalyptus, and frankincense.

               a) Diffuse & Added to Bath  - Natural high quality essences used according to preference

               and efficacy of formulas.  Examples of which essential oil vary from the likes of eucalyptus,

               melaleuca, peppermint, frankincense, oregano, lemon, thyme, cloves.

               b) Topical Salves  - Add your choice of an essential oil into an oil (castor ect) or lotion, to

               apply for massage and for throat, chest & back packs.

               c) Lavender - Apply by massaging onto reflexology points of the entire foot, specific to

                treating the location of the body upset.  Very effective to calm in preparation for sleep by

                applying to the entireity of each big toe.

(f)  And … maybe the most important is Emotional Wellness.  Ensure to be supported within your

      family and community, or  to find council that you can lean into as you require.  I am pleased to

      offer both sessions of regular council, and guided ceremonial processes to uncover and release

      blockages.  We are each a symphony of our body, mind and spirit – harmony of all aspects is key

      to immune health.

Christmas Closure of Red Deer Office

December 24 thru to January 2nd.  Will re-open on January 3 at 9am.

All orders for shipping required completed by noon on December 20.  

Calgary Clinic – January 2019

To be announced

Birthday this month?    

Receive one free crystal bed and amethyst bio mat treatment when purchasing one Ion Detox.   Value of $65.  No cash value.  Please call to book with Donna in my Red Deer Office.  


Take good care.  You are precious!  And in the case that you need permission to take care...this is me giving you permission