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☀Good Day, Dear One!   
I want to thank you for BEing part of my community - sending you one BIG and cozy hug. 
Here's to hoping that this note finds you enjoying this beautiful winter day!
Wish also to share a few things with you.  Firstly, that my Winter Newsletter will be out shortly and am asking you to watch-out for it.  I also want to give you the heads-up 
on a few events to happen in the next little while.     
A -    A SPECIAL Invitation
I extend a personal invitation to you!  Will you join with other like-minded of us to my Inspiration Gatherings?  We do not have them on-line yet, but it is a plan for the new year.  The topic of my sharing will be a focus on personal truth and to working practically with the current transformational energy.  Additionally, we will do a meditation and together experience a very specific energy download.  The Hathors are sentient BEings who guide me and have for all the years of my work.  This energy download comes from them.   
Inspiration Gathering – Meditation, Energy Treatment & Vannette Sharing 
Time: Evening 6:30-9:30pm 
Topic: Truth & Resilience & Renewal 
Cost: $30 – included is tea and snack 
Registration: Advanced Booking Only / Red Deer Office @ 403-352-8838 
     Calgary:    November 28 @ Location Inglewood Area of Calgary / Address to be provided upon registration 
     Red Deer:  December 3 @ Location is 70 McDougal Crescent
B - Calgary Clinic
To close off the year, the following are the dates for Calgary sessions & treatments.
November 28, 29
December 5, 6, 7
Should you have interest or need, please call my office in Red Deer to schedule. 
C -  The Full Moon
A reminder that its happening tomorrow Thursday November 22 at 11:40pm PST.  Referenced as the Frost Moon and known to be a time of recommended contemplation.  I suggest you would benefit from this potent energy by choosing to set aside a wee bit of time to contemplate and focus on you and your truth.  As December is only 10days away and it is oft an intense time of busy-ness, here-now is an important time to take note of your personal needs and to also get what you need for self-care.  Are you acting in harmony with your needs physically with immunity?  Do you need a mental pause? Do you need extra rest at this time? Has Spirit been calling?

Take good care.  You are precious!  And in the case that you need permission to take care...this is me giving you permission</td>  </tr></table>
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