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Happy Autumn!

With Canadian Thanksgiving behind us and the celebration of Halloween approaching, these spectacular colours of Autumn remind me of the cycle of life.  Yes, its evidence of completion and the promise of renewal.  Such is the beauty of our seasons!  And the colours are especially gloriously rich here in the north!  To some of you that will sound Game of Thrones - like... Yup, I am a fan of the show.  

Wish to share a few details that may be of interest: 
One, our weekly clinic schedule for sessions & treatments continue in Red Deer on each Monday, Tues and Thursday. 
Two, I am taking appointments for Calgary clinics happening in October thru December.  
         Dates for clinic are: October 24, 25, 26 / November 21,22,23 / December 18,19.   
Three, I am announcing a couple special events to happen in November.   They are:   
         1 - November 3 - Full Moon Celebration & Inspiration Gathering / 6:30pm - 9:30pm 
         2 - November 17, 18, 19 - Inner Cleanse & Clarity Retreat 
Please contact our office to be provided with complete details or to book-in.  Sessions and treatments continue to be by appointment only and all special events require pre-registration.  

May you smile as you put on that extra layer today and enjoy this gorgeous day!  

Love, Light & Life

November 3, 2017    
{A]  Topic of Presentation & Discussion @ Inspiration Gathering - 6:30-8pm
   1 - BEing a becon of light
        In current times where fear is prevalent at every turn, how do we choose to align 
        with light and abstain from fear?  Practical strategies of practice will be shared.
   2 - Channeling / who does that?  what is that?  why so many in this time?
         Vannette will explain and share with you an example of a channel she chooses to 
         have as an active contributor to her journey in this time.  
         What is the Akash or place of the Akashic Record?
    Service:  Mineral enhanced water is served.
    Drive to 2nd location at 8pm / MacKenzie Park - next to Red Deer River / transport in 
    in tandom to the location - weather permitting / 2nd location less outside will be avail
    if this becomes necessary.
{B] Full Moon Ceremony & Bon-fire - 8:30-9:30
   1 - Personal ceremonial releasing to-the-fire
   2 - Use of drums, flutes, rattles / 30minutes of ceremonial expression
   Service:   hot tea and a gluten-free snack
Open to all Clients, Friends & Family
Fee:   Honour Gifting
          Suggested Fee:  $20 cash 
                                       and a same value food donation to Red Deer Food Bank
                                       Total value of $40 requested
Please call the office at (403)-352-8838

Red Deer:  Mon, Tues, Wedn, Thurs. Closed Friday & weekends.

Please contact the Red Deer office for all inquiries - to book an appointment, to change an existing appointment or to purchase product for easy pick-up at Calgary office during a clinic. 
 These pkg will be marked for independent access from either mailbox or front door.  
Red Deer – Monday thru Thursday.  Although hours are generally 9am thru 5pm, hours can vary depending on my clinic schedule in Calgary and the special events.  I recommend that you would call first before dropping in. 


 While under the crystal lights, one is now lying on an Amethyst Infra-Red Bio Mat.  The combination of these two unique and powerful  tools, provide an even more therapeutic treatment.  Advance booking is required, please call the Red Deer office. (403) 352 8838

             Love & Light. 

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University of California, San Francisco documented a 40% increase in telomerase, an enzyme that helps regulate biological aging, in participants that meditated. The same research study demonstrated that meditation leads to a significant enhancement of genes associated with well-being and a significant reduction in genes associated with stress and inflammation.