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The following steps briefly outline scheduling and preparation for an assessment.

  • Make an initial communication with the office via telephone: (Red Deer (403)-352-8345), or (Calgary (403)-454-9228).  At this point we would gather some basic information and answer questions regarding scheduling an assessment.                                                                                         
  • Upon scheduling an assessment we would provide to you, via email or postage, necessary administration forms to be completed prior to the appointment.                                                                                               
  • You would arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment scheduled time and present your forms.  

To help you be fully prepared to understand the elements of your

approaching in-person session with Vannette. 
    First - conversation where you are getting acquainted with each other and she is making the observations required to better understand your situation and condition.  Approx time of 60-70min.   
 Second -  the written creation of protocol & verbal reporting.  Approx 30-60min duration.
Generally personalized protocol will be provided to you upon completion of your appointment.  However, when a clients situation and condition is complex, it can/would be agreed upon that a longer duration of time is required to satisfy the need of this individual. Hence, a client may be asked to return within the following 24-48hrs for the completed report or that the Protocol would be emailed. If an email communication were to happen, it would be accompanied by a phone conversation follow-up with Vannette's Assistant for added support. 
   Third is your receiving of the Protocol.  Depending on the support material requirement and the complexity, Vannette's Assistant will be on-hand to go over the details. It is important to call or email with any residual questions as they arrise – we welcome all inquiries.

To help you be fully prepared to understand the elements of your approaching, phone consultation, Skype session, or distance healing session with Vannette.

A]  This initial session will comprise of three parts: 

First - Phone or Skype conversation / duration of approx. 30-60minutes.  In this time, together with Vannette, you will be getting to know each other and have the opportunity to share and have one-on-one time to ask questions.  At the same time as this conversation is happening, she will be running the specific tests she requires to fully assess your situation from a variety of alternative perspectives. 

Second-  Creation of your personalized Protocol / duration of approx. 60-90minutes. 

The personalized Protocol is a document Vannette writes reflecting her findings.  It is designed to provide you with what you would require if you choose to implement the change she is recommending.    A practical guide to help you maneuver thru ‘what to do’ and a basis for the potential coaching relationship that could ensue fwd.  This document, along with support material, will be delivered to you.  You can generally expect to receive the complete package of Protocol and support material within 3-6working days.

Third – Follow-up via phone to ensure full understanding of Protocol and to answer any residual questions / duration of approx. 15minutes.

At this time, if you wish to move ahead with Vannette’s recommendations? you would agree to schedule appointments for additional therapy and/or to purchase products that have been recommended.  Any purchase can be shipped direct to your location anywhere in Canada.  International clients are subject to a more complex process – to be discussed, at that time.